We transform obligation into opportunity.

Guided by a common ideal and aware of the needs of each company, we adhere to Law 68 by creating a positive work environment, in which being differently-abled can be appreciated.

Our services

At Adelante Dolmen we specialise in the selection and placement of differently-abled workers within companies. We also offer specialised consultancy for the career paths of differently-abled staff and for the management of critical cases. We know that every organisation has its own needs and it is for this reason that we use a variety of solutions to comply with legal obligations. We hire directly, in accordance with Article 14, or we assist differently-abled staff throughout each HR phase. We believe in the value of people to transform obligation into opportunity.

How is Law 68 applied in companies of different sizes?

Because of our extensive experience, we are able to assist all kinds of companies.

< 50

Less than 50 employees

Does the hiring of the fifteenth employee trigger Article 68? Article 14 can be applied and together we can evaluate the possible inclusion options. We assist the company at every point of the process, from selecting the most appropriate person, to monitoring their performance.

> 50

More than 50 employees

There is no single way to tackle this issue. We study the best solution with the company involved, considering the most suitable types of service. Furthermore, due to our experience, we can address and resolve specific issues, such as employee secondment, to allow them access to new training paths and to work in a barrier-free environment, with the constant presence of a tutor.

Article 14

This is a further possibility for companies to meet the obligations of Law 68 as it permits a company not to hire the resource directly. We, at Adelante Dolmen, have more than a decade of experience in applying this standard. To date we have 22 active orders with 43 people employed.

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Direct employment

It is essential for us to undertake all the stages of the process. First, we take care of selection, to present the company with the most qualified candidate for the defined task. We follow all the steps related to formalising the recruitment. In some cases, we offer a period of on-the-job training, a type of work placement or internship, which precedes the official contract. Finally, we assist the company and the selected person in the placement phases and throughout the duration of the contract, including monitoring performance and work progress.

Management of differently-abled personnel

We care about the people we work with, which is why we pay the utmost attention and put real dedication into what we do; finding tailored solutions for secondments and individual specialist support.

  • Secondments
    We consider training courses that enhance and increase differently-abled staff professionalism, alternating periods in the company with periods with us.

  • Tutoring/ Counseling / Coaching
    We support each individual throughout their entire career within the company, ensuring all necessary assistance is available, that their work is done in the best possible way and the person feels satisfied in their professional life.

Our activities

We offer qualified professionals to undertake activities at operational level, in particular in front-office and back-office duties. Support in the areas of administration, sales, legal, finance and human resources. Expense reports and condominium management assistance. Digitalization, document archiving and transcription. IT area: help desk, data-entry, monitoring and ticketing.