We hire;
the company fulfils
its legal obligations.

The alternative that allows companies to choose a qualified partner to comply with Law 68.

Article 14

Article 14 of Legislative Decree 276/2003 is a regulation which gives companies an alternative to be able to meet their obligations under Law 68, as it allows them to employ a resource indirectly - to outsource the process – by entrusting it to a third party like us. A work contract permits us to hire a differently-abled worker who will, however, be considered part of the company. Article 14 is also an alternative to exemptions, which are a pure cost. The cost of Article 14, on the contrary, is an investment that has a real return for the company in terms of resources and activities, without increasing employee numbers. Adelante Dolmen’s decade-long experience in this area means we are expert at handling all the stages of the hiring process and thus the company's commitment in this area is minimized.

What needs to be done


Feasibility analysis

We assist companies in checking the prerequisites necessary to take advantage of Article 14.



We define the best strategy based on the company’s real needs. There are two possible ways: the definition of a service that will be entrusted to Adelante Dolmen or the selection of the most suitable candidate to be included in the company.



In this phase we commence service provision or place resources in the workplace.

Article 14, the guide.

Given our experience of over a decade in this area, we decided to create a guide to explain Article 14 in more detail. For any further information or for a personalised consultation, please click here.

Article 14