Adelante Dolmen: transforming obligation into opportunity.

Guided by common ideals and awareness of company needs, we comply with Law 68 by creating a positive work environment, in which being differently-abled can be valued, differently.


An inclusive culture is increasingly encouraged in today's society to enable people to express their potential, meaning that many companies embark on Diversity & Inclusion projects.

We, at Adelante Dolmen, are a consulting company specialized in work placement and support for differently-abled people in their professional lives. With an in-depth knowledge of the needs of businesses too, we attend to all the compliance phases under Law 68/99 and manage resources through partnership agreements governed by Article 14 of Legislative Decree 276/03.

We believe in the value of people to transform obligation into opportunity.

Our identity card


We know that ours is a job of great responsibility, so we take the needs of the companies and the people who rely on us seriously.


We believe that there is no single way of doing things and that no two people are the same. This is the reason for our broad vision of the world and our work, and why we are always looking for new opportunities and solutions.


We think that a smile can change a day, because a little light-heartedness can help, even in the most challenging of situations.

One cooperative, two faces

We are a certified social cooperative supporting companies in all the steps associated with the obligations of Law 68, and the placement and integration at work of differently-abled people. We know what companies require and, because of our ten-year experience, we come up with the most suitable solutions.


Digital Transformation is the challenge to growth that all companies face. Our job is to find the simplest and most effective solution for each of them.