• Digitization from A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 etc.

  • Digitization of invoices, magazines, old books, photographs

  • Easiest and fastest consultation

  • Service performed by competent and professional staff

  • Latest-generation hardware and software

  • Indexing of documents

  • Activate OCR service

  • Manual data entry for error correction

  • Digital document in PDF or other formats

  • Activate OCR service

  • Archiving to mobile CD / DVD or storage devices

Adelante Dolmen provides a complete digitalization service for all types of documents and for any format from A0 to the smaller formats. The reasons for moving from a paper archive to a digital archive? Because it is easier and faster to consult and allows free space occupied by paper documents.
The digitization service is provided in outsourcing for:
  • digitization of accounting documents (invoices, receipts, etc.);
  • digitalization of magazines;
  • digitizing documents and ancient books using a planetary scanner;
  • dematerialization of archives and personnel files;
  • digitalization of the municipal technical office archive (building practices, etc.);
  • digitization of analogue photographs;
The digitization service is performed by competent and professional staff using the latest generation of hardware and software.
The processing process:
  • Collection of documents at the Customer's premises;
  • Preparation of documents for scanners (removal of staples, adhesive tape and elastics, etc.);
  • Scanning documents using professional roller and / or planetary scanners;
  • Indexing of documents (metatag) through words and search keys agreed with the Customer;
  • Activation (if required) of the OCR service;
  • Manual data entry to correct errors;
  • Creation of the digital document (PDF or other formats);
  • Return of paper documents or destruction (if required);
Digitized and indexed documents are provided on CD / DVD and / or sent to a specific Customer storage area.

Contact us to request info or a free estimate: cell. 393 511 8211


  • Comune di Milano – Polizia locale: from 2014 we digitize over 1 million documents a year;

  • Prefettura di Milano: in 2017 digitization of the archive of asylum seekers;

  • Soprintendenza Archeologica Lombardia: in 2017 digitization and date-entry of the archaeological finds records;

  • Archivio storico di Lourdes: 2017-2018 digitization of the historical archive (from 1800 onwards);

  • Comune di Ferno: 2018 digitalization of the municipal technical office archive;

  • Banca Popolare di Milano: 2017-2018 digitization project of the personnel archive.